This website contains a collection of math videos created by students at Packer Collegiate Institute for the academic year 2007-2008. In a noble attempt to study for their final exam, these ambitious young scholars took it upon themselves to create a mass archive of what they’ve learned. Okay, there might have been some prodding from their very excellent teachers, but not much.

Without further ado:

Chapter 1:

Topic 1, Section 1.1 (S), Graphing Line

Topic 2, Section 1.1 (M), Distance and Midpoint Formulas

Topic 3, Section 1.1 (M), Circles

Topic 6, Section 1.2 (S), Finding the Domain of a Function

Topic 7, Section 1.3 (M), Slope

Topic 8, Section 1.4 (S), Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Topic 9, Section 1.4 (M), Linear Regression and Correlation Coefficient

Topic 10, Section 1.5 (M), Relative Maxima and Minima

Topic 12, Section 1.6 (S), New Notation for the Sum, Differences, Products, and Quotients of Functions

Topic 15, Section 1.7 (S), Vertical and Horizontal Translation of Functions

Topic 16, Section 1.7 (S), Reflection over the x-axis, and Vertical Stretching

Chapter 2:

Topic 17, Section 2.1 (S), Intersection Method for Solving Equations

Topic 20, Section 2.3 (M), Quadratic Formula

Topic 21, Section 2.3 (S), The Discriminant

Topic 23, Section 2.5 (M), Rational/Fraction Equations

Topic 25, Section 2.5 (S), Absolute Value Equations

Topic 26, Section 2.6, (S), Compound Inequalities

Chapter 3:

Topic 27, Section 3.1 (M), Polynomial Terminology

Topic 28, Section 3.1 (S), End Behavior of Polynomials

Topic 29, Section 3.1 (S), Multiplicity

Topic 30, Section 3.1 (S), Regressions

Topic 33, Section 3.3 (M), Polynomial Division

Topic 34, Section 3.4 (S), Finding Polynomials From Zeros

Topic 36, Section 3.5 (S), Asymptotes

Topic 37, Section 3.5 (S), Finding x- and y-Intercepts of Rational Equations

Topic 38, Section 3.6 (M), Polynomial Inequalities

Topic 39, Section 3.6 (S), Rational Inequalities

Topic 40, Section 3.7 (S), Explaining Direct and Inverse Variation

Chapter 4:

Topic 41, Section 4.1 (S), Inverses

Topic 42, Section 4.2 (M), Exponential Growth and Decay

Topic 43, Section 4.2 (M), Graphing Exponential Functions

Topic 44, Section 4.2 (S), Compound Interest

Topic 45, Section 4.3 (S), Introduction to Logs and Their Usefulness

Topic 46, Section 4.4 (S), Converting Between Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Topic 47, Section 4.3 (S), Change of Base Formula (Logs)

Topic 48, Section 4.4 (M), Logarithm Rules: “Breaking Logs Apart”

Topic 50, Section 4.5 (S), Exponential Equations

Topic 51, Section 4.5 (S), Logarithmic Equations


Topic 53 (M), How to Factor Qudratics

Topic 54 (M), How to Factor Cubics by Grouping


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